ApexThis Availability = Unavailable

I am currently not available for client work. Don’t hesitate to Contact Me about a future possibility:

  • Speaking/Presentation
  • Writing (non-fiction/fiction)
  • Editing (Dialogue, source sound effects)
  • Mixing (mixing dialogue, effects & music)

How I Work

ApexThis, LLC (AT) is a one-person shop. Everything that you see and hear has been created by AT unless otherwise noted. Therefore, the projects, clients, and partners I take on are limited.

The Type of Work

I currently work on a project basis. This means that I do not seek work to be the podcast editor or producer for a daily, weekly, or monthly podcast show.

The work that I do primarily seek is “script to ear”; everything from writing or sourcing a script, to the pre-production, production, publishing, and distribution of the material. Think video production company, or film production company but with audio.

Mini projects to help start/finish the overall project are welcomed as well. This includes:

  • Scriptwriting.
  • Editing – Content editing to build a narrative story.
  • Post Production – Editing and mixing of all audio into its final product.


audio -> music -> books -> other materials

Self-generated projects will typically be built and designed for audio first. If the project utilized originally created music, this too will be worked and released. Following, if applicable, the work will then be structured and published in book format. Any other materials created will also be released.

This isn’t set in stone as each project may have an emphasis on different aspects such as a musical audio drama; The production and music would be released simultaneously while there could be a lesser reason to produce and release a book of the said musical.