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About This Episode

Mark is taking a break from the podcast.



Show Notes

Not a fancy title; I’m just taking a break from the show.

That’s right. I am putting the podcast on pause—but you’re used to that right? This time, I am giving you the heads up. I’ve been a bad host in the past, but I am finally starting to show that I’ve changed … a bit.

I will be taking the time to focus on existing projects that I have under my belt, such as:

ApexThis Related:

– Project Witch
– Mixtape Vol 2
– Crimson Door
– Other writing projects

Non-ApexThis Related:

– Coypediting Program (1 year long)
– The Productivity Lab Podcast (I am a co-host)
– Nonfiction writing projects

Things for ApexThis will continue in the background for official projects we are publishing. Pausing the podcast gives me a bit more breathing room, considering the copyediting course eats half of my time.

In the meantime, you can follow my personal updates for non-ApexThis work at:

– Twitter: askmarkio
– Instagram: askmarkio
– Blog: askmark.io

If you strictly want ApexThis updates, you can follow:

– Twitter: apexthis
– Instagram: apexthis
– Blog: apexthis

Until next time.




















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