Episode 18
July 2021 Update

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About This Episode

In this episode, Mark breaks down active ApexThis projects and the progress of each. Get a look at the time spent working on ApexThis for the month. Did we meet our goals? What will we seek to accomplish in the next month? All will be detailed in this episode.




Welcome to ApexThis.Podcast. A chronicle of my journey into the world of publishing. This will be a behind the scenes look at what I’m doing to make that happen. I’ll share tips and best practices that I learn along the way. Tips that you can use to start your very own publishing journey and share your voice with the world.

Coming up . . . the July Monthly Update

Monthly Focus

Here was my primary focus for July:

  • Waited Publishing
  • Crimson Door
  • Project Witch

For the secondary focus, I noted to do:

  • AT Podcast

Let’s jump into the work hours for the month to breakdown the actual work down.

Hours Worked – July

Time Logged – 23hrs 53m


Time Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of my monthly time and the coinciding monthly focus.


Waited = 8h 52m

Publishing and marketing


AT Podcast = 2h 22m

June update


Project Witch = 9h 15m

Outline, chapters 1-4. Total words written for July: 5782. That is about 624 words per hour.


Crimson Door = 0h

no action




Admin = 3h 22m

email, finances, taxes, planning, website-updates



No change; standard expenses (website and podcast host, software, etc.)



What went well?

I got Waited published and out the door. Another project done!

Project Witch is a new project that started on the later half of Camp NaNo. Originally planned as a short story, I was able to outline ten chapters. We’ll see how it goes; it could be a much longer short story, or a novella, or part one of a three part story that’s already ruminating in the annals of my mind.

For personal time, copyediting coursework, and to a minor degree, a review of a friends story, consumed the time.

What to do better?

More gusto. Projects rolled over into July which delayed the action on other things. There was definitely scope creep in projects, which can’t be helped (or can be helped, you’d argue).

I thought I would have written Crimson Door but decided to skip it because the original draft was already done and it was ready for a rewrite, but I opted for something “new” by starting Project Witch.


What’s Next?

Focus Areas:

  • Project Witch

For July, I want to continue progress on Project Witch. There is no hard deadline; however, I do have “chapters” outlined that I am writing to. While there is no deadline, I aim to write 1k words per week. That’s 142 words per day, if you were writing everyday. I do not, but let’s see where we go.


In Closing

I would say it was a great month: I shipped a project and started another. Ideally, I would be editing one project while writing another. Given that I don’t do this full time, burning the midnight oil isn’t something I should be doing in this regard. Even if I am a night owl.

Until next time.















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