ApexThis, LLC is an independent production & publication house focusing on audio (podcasts, music), books, and other writing projects. Founded in 2015, ApexThis aims to create and share stories that transport you into another world by generating our own projects and working with limited partners.

The History

ApexThis originally started its life as a relaunch to a car forum with friends. (The name, get it?) Giving up on the idea of a forum, I instead converted the site to be a way for me to build a business and future doing the things that excited me.

The first step out into the world was with the Admins of Atlassian Podcast, a podcast that provides tips and best practices to those that administer Atlassian products. (Of course, no affiliation with Atlassian.

I can take my short stories and make them come to life with audio.

While already a fan of podcasting for over a decade, launching my first podcast turned on a light bulb. I could actually do more with this. I can take my short stories and make them come to life with audio. My goal was then to create fictional podcasts and audio dramas using my own stories and poems and those of others but to do so, I would need more editing, writing, and audio experience. From this, ApexThis.Podcast was born as a meta version of what I was wanting to do and as a way to play with formats, editing techniques, and scripting.

In 2017, I launched the Austin Podcasters Meetup as an offshoot event of ApexThis and here I put forth my rudimentary design skills to create the website and branding to use online and offline. At the end of 2017, I discovered our sister community being managed on Facebook and I have since joined to manage the community on Facebook with three other administrators.

The Future

As long as I can, I will continue to do what excites me and I am excited about where I go next. I will use the full width of the track to apex every project across my plate. Even it takes me from audio to writing, to design, and beyond.

You Dig?

Do you like what I do? Do you have a story to tell? Let me help you tell it. Check out the Services page for what I offer and my availability.

The People Person

Mark Askew

Mark Askew is the founder, publisher, writer, speaker, producer, and overall the sole guy running things at ApexThis. Mark started his love of writing as a songwriter before joining the world of short stories and technical writing. Through a series of fortunate events, he discovered that his writing + podcasts = happy feelings.

Born in Kansas City, MO, Mark currently lives in Austin, TX doing the work that he loves by day, and being a sidepreneur by night. Mark is co-admin of the Austin Podcasters Facebook Community and founder of the Austin Podcasters Meetup.

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How To Contact

If you would like to contact me, you may do so by clicking here.