Join me in this impromptu recording as I figure out what I need to participate for the first time in a NanoWriMo event. And when I say impromptu, I mean “we’re doing it live!”

Camp NanoWriMo is a smaller version of the annual NanoWriMo that happens in November where your goal is to write 50k words by the end of the month. Camp Nano occurs in April and July where you set your own goals. For July, I will be resuming an active project but first need to find my target word count and break down how much I need to write to hit that goal for Camp NanoWriMo.

The Project & Goals

Back from the video? No? It’s a bit long, I admit. Something to throw on in the background. So, here are the details for ya:

Project = Project Dollar
Days = Mon, Thu, Sun
Time = 8hrs per week
Target Word = ~43k
Current Word = ~17
Word Goal = ~26k
Words per week = ~6k
Words per hour = ~1k

This will be the most audacious writing project I’ve ever taken. I’ve never written 26k words in a single month, let alone a whole year!

As I stated in the video, if I miss word counts, that’s OK. The most important thing is the process and that is me writing!

Wish me luck!

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