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Who inspires me? In this episode, I share those who inspire me in some form or fashion as I take this side hustle journey.


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Inspiration. The mental stimulation that prompts you to act. That incites you to create. That goads you into your own momentary revelation. We all have it whether it be people in or out of your field, a memory, or an image.

My inspiration comes from a variety of sources that I have used to guide me within the business world for creatives and to guide me towards my own endeavors.

Without further ado – here are some folks that inspire me – and a word of warning, it heavily features designers, if not, all designers:

The Futur

An education platform for creatives in the graphic design, and typography led by Chris Do.

I found this YouTube channel based on my own personal research in graphic design tips and they had a great set of videos about the use of type, color, etc. They would review designs from those in the community and break down their own poster designs. Then I discovered another side to their videos. Business advice.

Chris would host panels where he would talk to creatives on how to price their services, and how to negotiate with customers. The best are the role-playing videos where Chris is either the client or designer showing how creatives can better support their arguments and or lack of argument, for their pricing.

Even if you are not into graphic design, I still believe the business aspect of the videos are great in helping you wrap your mind around pricing your work, and or pitching yourself to potential clients.


Another independent creative that I follow is Ran Segall. He shares daily videos covering many topics such as How to estimate time for your projects or time management.

He is one of the creatives that I follow directly as I like to see how independents run their business, what tips they share, and what ups and downs they have. For Ran, he doesn’t just share the good, but he shares the bad as well which is all the more important to learn from.

Resourceful Designer

There is a podcast on this list! This podcast is hosted by Mark Des Cotes. I briefly met Mark at Podcast Movement in 2018. At the time I was heavily focused on graphic design due to other projects and this embarked on me adding Mark to my list of podcasts.

Like, Ran, you get a behind the scenes of his day-to-day as a designer running his own business. You hear about his struggles as well as tips that other designers or business creatives can put to use.

Fizzle Show

*Gasp* Another podcast? The Fizzle Show deals with online and small business owners. They give tips and advice on running your business and help navigate you through some challenges you may encounter as you start your own business. Not only is there a podcast but they also have courses if you want to take it a step further and put your ideas to action.

Heart Breathings

A writer! A self-publishing writer!

I found her YouTube channel based on book planning as she had a series of videos that covered this very topic. I found the videos informative and started to peer into the rest of her catalog.

In doing so I found that she self-published her own books and her videos discuss a lot of the behind the scenes with writing – planning, organizing, retreats, motivation, and so much more. The small glimpses she provides inspires me to continue and arms me with the knowledge to self-publish myself.

Scott McKenna

Scott runs his own video production business that focuses on wedding videos and has grown from there. I found him when I was researching how video production companies run, their structure, how they gain work, as well as editing tips and best practices. This speaks to the larger idea of me seeking out video and film editors to learn the craft as there was little in the way of story editing with audio. Or at least that I could find.

Scott, shares a behind the scenes look as he grows his business and his learnings and failures in doing so. He also shares tips, best practices and more as he tackles each facet of his business.


A duo design studio from married couple Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit. They are the only addition to this list that is not a Youtube channel or a podcast. Instead, they run the popular Brand New blog and conference that reviews brand identities and logos.

Now – they are a bit special because this is where I get – stalker-ish. Hear me out – They have inspired a lot of how I present what I do. As I continue on my journey I have shaped my own messaging and description of what I am looking to get out of ApexThis and I have paired it down a bit and this is entirely inspired by UnderConsideration.

Their description of “generating its own projects…” phrased exactly what I envisioned when starting my journey. And this isn’t to them single-handedly as I also referenced film directors to help people get a better grasp. I’ve followed a lot of their projects, their conference designs, podcast interviews, and I’ve even, briefly, emailed with Armin seeking his advice on running conferences.

I really dig their work and I appreciate Armin sharing his knowledge and experience.


And there you have it. Creators that I follow that inspire what I do. I may not be ready to execute on a lot of the ideas brought forth at this time but it is good to have the knowledge lurking around within my mind.

It just doesn’t stop there. A well known audio engineer/producer in the music world once said, don’t just look at the people that inspire you and what they do, look at who inspired them only then you will be able to put together how they create what they do.

Your takeaway? Look at who inspires you in whatever form or fashion, and then look at who inspires them. You never know what you’ll find.


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